My name is Deng Yong and I arrived in Australia in 2000 from South Sudan. When I first arrived, my wife and I settled in Footscray before moving to Sunshine for a couple of years and around the western suburbs of Melbourne. Now we are in Deer Park with our four children – two boys and two girls.

I started working with the Migrant Resource Centre in 2005 with the Brimbank Council as I have been a community worker even before I came to Australia. My passion comes from wanting to help newly arrived people settle into the Australian community. I got this opportunity because I was involved in a private project funded by the Federal Government “to better engage African men and provide recommendations on how to better engage the African community”. My other passion comes from me wanting to help my community to be better represented, especially in the media, and help the youth as a mentor for a better life.

I got involved with the WBCF through the Sons of the West program and was given the opportunity to attend the online program last year and speak more about the needs of the male African community. I have also interacted with the Foundation via the Migrant Resource Centre with the CALDplay and the youth programs. Through my involvement I have learnt more about health awareness (in particular for men) as well as ways to be more active and help newly arrived people look after themselves better.

I look forward to working with the WBCF more in the future especially around employment and workplace rights for the newly arrived.

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