With the holiday season coming up, we all tend to go in different directs depending on culture, tradition and family. The west is as diverse an area as any part of Australia, and The Westsider asked five locals what the holiday season means to them.

    Jenny Conway – Holidays for me is spending time with family and friends, having my partner’s daughter and grandchildren around, going on outings like the beach, markets, the swimming pool. Also going out to dinner, having picnics and barbecues, and spending quiet time with my partner.

    Muris Basic – For me the holiday season means spending time with all my family, it’s a time when everyone is expected to get together and have a meal, a few drinks and chit chat ‘til the early hours of the morning. Over the holiday season I like to take time off and travel around Victoria with my partner, and visit places like Ballarat, Daylesford or Bendigo.

    Qian Zhu – When we refer to ‘Holiday’, I observed that most people emerge with a cheerful impression on their faces. Yes, it is the most important part in our every-day life! To be honest, I definitely love my holiday as well. It means that I can arrange my time freely and choose a destination which I always planned to go to. Holidays can make our life more interesting and relaxing. Perhaps I can acquire the valuable experiences from an attempt to bake some cookies with my daughter, or being a good companion to my parents. There is no doubt that a holiday is a wonderful thing to me.

    Dean Hoang – The summer holiday period means relaxing at the beach, at home with family and enjoying the moment. The holiday season means we are able to wind down and enjoy relaxing and the ease of our free time, whilst having the best weather to enjoy. Heading to the beach is a favourite of mine, and being in the sun or in the water. It is a time with family, and making the most of our time together. It is also a time to plan and organise the next year, making sure everything is going to be sorted out for the following year. It’s also a time to prioritise for the coming year. My best holiday was to Koh Samui and Koh Tao, in Thailand. Koh Samui was a great tropical getaway while I was working in Singapore back in 2002. Koh Samui is relaxed, cheap, fun, and packed with tourists. Koh Tao is a beautiful island off the west coast of Thailand and is a pristine island with few tourists and tropical beaches with marine fish and clean clear tropical beaches. It was heaven on earth.

    Ninfa Flores – Who doesn’t like holidays? Everyone does, especially children, who will be out of school for a month and get to enjoy late nights and the sleeping in, and won’t have to worry about school work. Holiday is fun and sometimes drives you crazy, as the kids want to go out and spend money, but not always because there are some other ways to enjoy your time without spending. During holiday we usually stay home or go for a drive to visit friends and families who we haven’t seen for a while. Holiday is the time you can have a good rest without waking up in the morning and driving the kids to school, and doing all the running around for them!

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