This new six-part series on Netflix is likely one of the best documentaries to be released in 2020. I do dare say it, but it blows Tiger King out of the water.

Going away from what seems to be a reoccurring trend of silly documentaries that are of no benefit to learning, this one explores the history of our future. And that is video games! I am only 23 and born in 1997, I know what you’re thinking that I have not been around for its origins, but it all does hold a place in my heart.

What this documentary does best is that it broadly covers everything to gaming’s roots, and it brings light to some of the most amazing stories about some of the most recognisable characters of our time like Mario, Sonic and Donkey Kong. Right from the get-go I was hooked and I couldn’t stop. Those who did grow up in this era will be filled with nostalgia but I feel it is directed at everyone, that’s how much it covers and is easy to understand.

Video games are really such a huge part of our society, I believe that this doco will shed light of what your kids see, because it is the exact same as the kids in the 80s and 90s saw as this world changing invention grew in front of their eyes. I one hundred percent will tell everyone to watch this on Netflix, in my opinion the best documentary of this year.

Six parts of 45min, so make this your next weekend binge.


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