Words by Toan Tran

If you have New Year regrets or just miss the excitement, there’s still the Lunar New Year to come!

The Lunar New Year is celebrated in several countries in Asia, and with many descendants here in Australia, our western suburbs are embracing the festivity.

Call it Chinese New Year, Spring Festival, Tet, or Seolnal, there will be a new moon on the 19th of February signalling the beginning of the new Lunisolar calendar.

There are festivals throughout February all over Melbourne, and the western suburbs will not be left out nor bested during the celebrations. Expect street food, music, performances, games, rides, crowds, cheers, and firecrackers, and enjoy seeing the ‘lucky’ colour red spread throughout our streets and showcasing our multiculturalism.

The performers at the Quang Minh Temple prepare months ahead to greet the New Year with their bewildering and fascinating dragon dance and Quang Minh Vovinam. You can see them in Quang Minh Temple on the eve of Lunar New Year – refer to our calendar to find all the dates and locations of the western suburbs festivals.


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