By Athena Thompson

It turns out that cyclists on the road have doubled world-wide since the pandemic – also that brand new bikes are becoming a scarcity to purchase, as we recently learnt from President of Bike West, John Symons. He can speak with authority on the numbers, given his day job as an economist as a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Sustainable Industries and Liveable Cities at Victoria University.

He has worked extensively on the economic benefits of road safety interventions in developing countries as well as active transport and green infrastructure.

Bike West is a cycling advocacy group in Melbourne’s West promoting cycling-safety, healthy lifestyles choices and cycling across the west. They are the group behind getting the Quarry Park Mountain Bike Trails track on the ground, you can check the trail on YouTube as well as the soon to be opened Kids Bike Park in Hansen Reserve, West Footscray. John says if you’re keen to connect with other cyclists and learn about local paths check out the Westside Cycle club and if you’re hunting for a bike or just need a repair check out the Inner West Community Bike Hub.

Westside Cycle Club is west of Melbourne’s newest cycling club, and aims to be both a competitive and social club, with its ultimate goal to increase the numbers of people of all ages and abilities, women, children and men riding bikes westside. Plus all their members get free access to the Inner West Community Bike Hub tools, equipment and advice on Sundays.

Quarry Park Mountain Bike Trails:

Westside Cycle club:

Inner West Community Bike Hub:


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