Inner West Melbourne film maker and artist Saidin Salkic has once again proven his creative prowess with two premieres of his latest films on two different continents. Salkic’s works have previously garnered attention from the international film community, and his latest offerings are no exception.

    The first film premiere took place in New York and was hosted by the renowned Filmmaker’s Cooperative, long a bastion of the avant-garde. The premiere featured Salkic’s highly anticipated The Compassion of the Undertaker which the Cooperative billed as an ‘unmissable event’. The Co-op previously hosted and distributed the works of some of the most influential 20th-century artists, including Andy Warhol and Jonas Mekas, making the event a significant milestone for Salkic.

    The second premiere, for Salkic’s film Mr. Cripes Blimey, which also features legendary Australian actor John Flaus (The Castle, Jack Irish), explores many spheres of mood and excitement, including comedy, drama and mystery. The film has already gained widespread attention, being featured on the cover page of the esteemed Living magazine. 

    The two premiers represent a great accomplishment for Salkic, who has been tirelessly honing his craft for years. Whilst known for their unique blend of artistry and storytelling, Salkic’s films have always been challenging, which has made them stand out in the crowded independent  film space. His works have always explored deep and thought-provoking themes, and it is no surprise that they have gained attention from film enthusiasts and critics. 

    His previous works have been featured in various film festivals around the world, including the prestigious Los Angeles-based South East European Film Festival and most recently at one of the largest film festivals in Europe, Sarajevo Film Festival. With these premieres on different continents, Saidin Salkic may be the only Australian independent film maker to achieve this feat – of which we in the west should be proud.

    As a culmination of this year for Salkic, the second Saidin Salkic Film Festival will be held on Remembrance Day, 11.11.2023 @ Library at the Dock. Entrance is free and will feature a Q&A, starting at 3PM. This will be the opportunity for all Melbourne cinema lovers to experience the work of the filmmaker called a ‘Natural treasure in Australian Avant-Garde film industry’. 

    Library at the Dock, 107 Victoria Harbour Promenade, Docklands

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