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    By Katherine Brabon

    When an unnamed narrator leaves hospital after an operation, she has to learn how to recover in the space of a summer before returning to work. She meets Frida at a local pool and Sylvia at a park. Where Frida pulls her into movement and nature, Sylvia seeks the safety of dark interiors and the relief of doing nothing. 

    This is a beautifully written book about the meaning of recovering the body when living with chronic illness. It looks at selves that recognise and mirror each other, and how this brings about the potential for community or the risk of folding into another to hide from the day. The question it asks is the same one that draws us to reading and books generally—do we need others to understand our own selves and our pain? 

    Perfect for fans of Elena Ferrente or Han Kang, The Body Friend is a gentle and poetic reflection on our relationship with our bodies, with pain, and with others we see ourselves in.


    By Dan Box

    The Man Who Wasn’t There investigates the involvement of Zak Grieve in a brutal killing that even the judge agrees he wasn’t present at. Yet, due to the Northern Territory’s mandatory sentencing laws, Grieve receives a harsher sentence than those who committed the murder.

    A gem of investigative journalism, The Man Who Wasn’t There offers much more than an interesting case. Box sheds light on the contradictions of the justice system, the history of mandatory sentencing, and unexpectedly, a growing friendship between himself and Grieve. It is this friendship, and Box’s reflections on his role as a journalist that are the heart of this story. What starts as a strictly business correspondence between Box and Grieve evolves into a mutual support, as tragedy strikes Box’s family. 

    Amidst the heartbreak and frustration, Box gives a nuanced and empathetic perspective on life in Australia’s Deep North. 

    Kip of the Mountain

    By Emma Gourlay

    Welcome to the magical debut novel from Melbourne writer Emma Gourlay

    Kip Boowitt is desperate for a best friend. So, when she rescues a tiny creature that looks like a kitten but isn’t a kitten, she names him Buffel and loves him with all her heart. 

    With a distracted dad and mean kids at school, all Kip wants is someone with two ears and time for her. And Buffel is the best listener. But when he’s kidnapped, there is only one thing to do – go from mountain to sea to get him back. 

    Set in South Africa, this is an action-packed fantasy adventure full of heart with delightful characters that tug on your heart strings.

    Kip of The Mountain comes in a gorgeously illustrated hardback edition which is perfect for a special gift. 

    Ages 3–100 

    Mr Chicken Goes To Mars

    By Leigh Hobbs

    We are so excited to join the famous Mr Chicken on his latest adventure – this time into outer space!

    He’s been to Paris, London, Rome, all over Australia and now he’s rocketing off to MARS.

    Picture book legend and former Australian Children’s Laureate Leigh Hobbs has outdone himself.  This picture book will delight old and young readers alike with his signature illustrations and Mr Chicken’s often hilarious adventures into the stratosphere. 

    This is a fabulous addition to the Mr Chicken collection and a must-have for Leigh Hobbs fans. 

    Ages 3–100

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