Words by Trevor Montalto, drawing by Alhana Wells

    Atop the hill overlooking her homeland stood an elf. Standing at five foot eight; she stood proud and confident. The sun shining down on her and her war horse. The Necromonic War in full swing. Leaving her town was the hardest thing she had yet to do. Breathing deeply she turns and leads her horse away; bow in hand.

    “Come on Stride, let us be away. Best we not dwell on what might have been.” Elhanna says to the horse as she climbs the stirrups to get onto her horse. Bow slung over her shoulder. Riding further and further away from home.

    “Elhanna, wake and greet the sun.” Came a distant voice. Slowly she pulls herself from the void of sleep, only to be greeted by the smiling human before her. The human was also a lycan and her closet friend. Having fought many battles together.

    “Narvas, why do you wake me from my slumber?” She asked. He smiles and tilts his head to the side. Pointing to the male elf behind him. Starting to attention she salutes. “General Manvir, it is an honour.” She says.

    “At ease soldier. I am just checking up on the men. Narvas, you have work to do. So hop to it.” He replies, offering Elhanna his hand. He leads her to the overlooking hill, surveying the army below.

    The valley below was crawling with things from nightmares and hell itself. There were corpse walking, demons that dripped blood or acid, ghouls and other nameless monstrosities.

    “We will cleanse these lands of these abominations. The lycans have given us an advantage, their healing magic is beyond belief.” He says as he motions down at the valley.

    “Ummm, Sir, why are you telling me this?” She asked.

    “Feras Wrath please. I am telling you this as you will be accompanying Narvas on a mission.” He orders, walking away as she draws her bow, the runes flaring to life. Fire shooting from the drawn string and into the sky, striking a cloud and raining meteors down into the valley, smashing into the undead crawling along. She turns from the ledge and goes to find her friend.

    Finding him at the supply caravan preparing for a long voyage. Kitting himself out in full covering plate armour and a sturdy long sword and towering kite shield.

    “Ready for war Elhanna?” he ask without turning, loading his horse up. She steps up and proceeds to load stride with all she would need.

    “Born ready Narvas. Into the fray we join the holy ancestors. May victory proceed our strides.” She replies. He smiles and hops onto his horse.

    “And honour heed our call.” He finishes for her.

    The two of them gallop through the camp and make their way south, heading for the lands of  the Willows. She realised they were seeking the aid of the ents. Their horses carrying them off into the setting sun.


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