By Hope Nectar

    If you are slightly internet savvy and you live in the west, there’s no doubt you have joined, been tagged to join, or forced to join, a buy swap sell or local community page.

    If you haven’t, then get on at least one and take heed of my rant or face the keyboard fury of the westie community.

    What the f….

    “What are the best schools in the West”?

    Hmm you think to yourself, I don’t have kids, but this post might be handy in the future so you type F.. Wait Fc#k no! Now you get notified every time there is another eFing follower and no doubt someone will then post: “Hey what does F mean”?

    F means that you haven’t figured out, that there are three small circles in the right hand corner of every post which allow you to save or turn on notifications; now for F sake stop typing F!

    Admin delete if not allowed

    Yes we’ve all seen this written in the comments, and in fairness to these people who has got time to read terms and conditions of any description, let alone rules and regulations of a local Facebook group. But just know if you’re too lazy to contact admin to ask, then it’s probably not allowed, and now admin are going to get a bunch of reports telling them to delete your post

    Admin take a hike

    Yes I said it, ok admin do a great job, they started a group and its taken off but some members are just too damN sensitive (insert mum groups here) and well admin can’t be stuffed debating sometimes, so if they are getting a heap of reports and the post is a little controversial, all of a sudden said post and all the comments go poof into the interweb, and most likely so does said member (cause they must rid themselves of all evidence the person existed) and then you realise it’s a dictatorship, not an open forum.

    So yes, admin can delete you, it’s their world, their rules, they don’t get paid for this, so if you don’t like it, start your own group.

    Can admin delete this post?

    “Hey Westies look at my new credit card”

    Face palm; of course admin can delete it but maybe try messaging the person who posted it in the first place. Forums aren’t idiot proof, didn’t you read the posted terms and condition? Idiots post at their own risk!

    I haven’t read the other responses but…

    I know someone asked about daylight savings and this post has 200 responses and was posted a week ago but I just saw it so I better reply and say EXACTLY THE SAME BLOODY THING AS EVERYONE ELSE.”

    Well don’t, just don’t!

    Not affiliated, but this shop is the best

    “Wow! Just had the best meal at Bobs Diner, I highly recommend..”

    Let’s face it, they probably are affiliated. I hate to break it to the local community but sneaky advertisers (myself included) have been manipulating the members of these forums for years (we couldn’t help it, you were just too damned trusting). So that’s right of course, they had the best meal there – by the look of their workplace they own Bob’s diner. Hint: hide your profile or your friends next time. Better yet, use the last tip listed.

    Not affiliated, but this shop sux

    I went into a barber shop and wow they used foul language, I don’t want to mention them here but PM me and I’ll give you the name.

    Same as above but in reverse, so it’s probably a competitor. People fall for this all the time, sometimes before admin gets wind of the post, someone has posted the said location and recruited people to give them bad reviews online, don’t be drawn in, don’t be a sheep, they probably own the barber shop down the road. So if you haven’t experienced the bad service yourself maybe just keep quiet.

    Oops, is this still available?

    Thanks to Facebook’s marketplace the days of secret scrolling through comments has gotten harder. That’s because Facebook assumes everyone is selling something; so now you’ve accidentally gone and hit “Do you have more photos” on a post about best dental hygiene.. ahh damn it! Not only does your post not make any sense, but now everyone of my Facebook friends got notified and think I either have a dental fetish or know I have bad teeth…

    Anonymous post

    Seriously, there is no such thing. Facebook remembers all and let’s face it admins don’t get paid so if a company comes along and offers them a million dollars tomorrow for all your secrets then booya admins are cashing in. There is a reason phones allow you multiple Facebook accounts, so make a Clark Kent profile and comment on all things inner- west and even sell those crappy wedding gifts without all your Facebook friends being notified. Stay tuned for more rants!

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