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Review by Kyle Withers

Spike Lee is back with this Vietnam war film. The story surrounds 4 veterans who return to Vietnam to recover their lost gold.

Coming out on Netflix this time is perfect to watch while we wait for the cinemas to open. It is typical for Spike Lee to create a film focusing on the lives and struggles of African Americans and this movie is no exception. What I love is that this isn’t just another Vietnam war film, it focuses on the effects of what war does to the human soul after the conflict is ended.

Another aspect that this film covers is the harsh reality of being an African American in the Vietnam War. The fact that the way African American soldiers were treated while they were fighting for their country is a story not often told. The story is well told – Spike Lee aims for it to not be complicated and more to the point.

One aspect I didn’t quite like was the fact that some of the flashback scenes from the war didn’t seem that well done. A little disappointing because there were only a few of those scenes and the special effects could have been a whole lot better, since the rest of the film was well made.

To summarise this film I would say that it’s just so much more than what you would expect. If you enjoyed other Spike Lee films such as Blakkklansman then this is right up your alley.



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