The Western Bulldogs Community Foundation has launched a range of free initiatives aimed at bringing people together in new ways, as we continue to live with the virus.

Two waves of coronavirus sent us back into our homes, limited our movement and hindered our ability to connect in all the ways we’ve become so accustomed to. If you are interested in learning how to digitally connect with others, looking for inspiration from keynote webinar speakers, getting active at home, improving your health and wellbeing, or becoming more involved in your local community, take a look.

The Foundation’s General Manager, Kashif Bouns said “The Connecting the West campaign utilises the powerful brand of the Club to not only reach audiences across the west of Melbourne and Victoria, but connect them with each other and vital services from our partners, in the hope that this can help overcome social isolation during these uncertain times.”

“We would like to thank the 70-plus partners who have so far expressed their interest in being a part of this community building initiative.”

For further information and to nominate someone to participate in the programs visit


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