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    Pete, I have a curly one for you, I just moved to the area a few months ago, and as you do, figured my introduction to the local strip should be a haircut. The cut (at a traditional hairdressers) was OK without being great, but since then I’ve discovered this cool little barbers around the corner, which has become my go to. The problem is that every day I have to walk past the hairdressers, which seems pretty quiet, and the person that cut my hair there often sees me and our eyes meet and I get an awkward “yes I see you there, and I know you haven’t been back here“ kind of vibe. What would you do?

    Brendan, Kingsville (via email)

    Hmm a curly one? Ha, I see what you did there Brendan! But seriously, what would I do? Well you may be new here, so I’m going to cut you a break – today. But… if you were to gaze at my portrait at the top of the page, you might understand that the importance of questions about hair are lost on me. Questions of loyalty however are not. Brendan you have no choice, you have to go back to that poor hairdresser. Although I suppose technically you might then create the same problem with your funky little barber? OK Brendan I’ve made my decision – sorry but you’re going to have to move away. Yes, you will be missed. (Except by anyone within a 5 mile radius who happens to work in the hair industry.)

    Pete the other day I was walking along and almost tripped over one of those retractable dog leashes. The owner had it at full stretch – about 4 metres – and was busy on their phone. When I complained they tried to retract it but the dog was too tangled up in a bush for the thing to work. It made me think though, when is a dog on a stupidly long leash not technically “on lead” anymore?

    Jane, Spotswood (via Facebook Messenger)

    Jane you have hit on one of urban life’s great conundrums here – when is a dog leash not a dog leash, but actually just a long piece of string that happens to connect a human and a canine? Well, just like you, I don’t know the answer, so I think it must be time for… a Council lead Community Survey – that’s right, we’ll ask the people. Sure, the end result might be a dog park where only dogs and humans on 4 metre leads are allowed, but at least we can’t say we weren’t consulted!  

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