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    Hi Pete, I joined Airtasker a few weeks ago, I know people usually want someone to set up their Wi-Fi or build IKEA furniture, but my friends all laughed at me when I told them what task I had arranged to be performed for me – to pick up all the dog poo in my backyard. Yes, someone actually chose to do that, in fact the guy was so cheery and efficient, I have since employed him to follow me around the streets each night when I walk my dog, cleaning up after us. Thankfully my friends stopped laughing at me but unfortunately they also stopped returning my calls and texts. But haven’t I made the world a better place?
    Jeff, Newport (via Facebook)

    Well all I can say is thank goodness for Airtasker Jeff. Seriously my little ‘burb could just about be renamed Brown Town, there’ so much doggy doo around the place. I don’t know how or when it happens because the streets are full of neighbourhood vigilante patrols on constant ‘Brown Alert’, yet happen it does. But to answer your question Jeff, I think your (ex) friends are being quite unreasonable and narrow minded. You have both provided employment, and reduced canine-related waste on our streets, as well as helped the environment by stemming the flow of offensive effluent into our drains, creeks and rivers. We should be giving you and your Airhead …er sorry… Airtasker, medals for your civic duties!

    Pete’s what your position on drones? My neighbour has one and it seems to be constantly hovering and buzzing around, I don’t really know what the legalities are, but something inside me just wants to shoot it down.
    Greg, Spotswood (via Facebook Messenger)

    Greg firstly I can tell you what the legalities are, as I am well versed in this area. Basically you cannot shoot a drone down, in fact you can’t shoot anything down, as this would clearly contravene the Discharging a Firearm in a Suburban Backyard Act of 1974 which, well which I believe states that you cannot discharge a firearm in a suburban backyard since 1974! But Government are typically behind when it comes to legislation around technology and digital disruption, so just hold that thought – perhaps the time I would really start to worry is when those drones are able to shoot at you! Maybe spend less time writing to me and more time making friends and mending fences with your neighbour.

    Pete here’s a nice trivial one for you, occasionally my family and I have a weekend away in an Airbnb or similar, and I’ve noticed (annoyingly) that other people’s cling wrap always seems to stick better than mine does at home. Thoughts?
    Chris, West Footscray (via Email)

    Thoughts Chris? Well my first thoughts were “get a haircut and get a real job…” But then I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror… Well, actually I walked up to a mirror. OK, I admit it, I was already looking in the mirror. There – satisfied!? Anyway enough about me, where were we? Oh yes, cling wrap… yawn. Look the only thing I can suggest for someone suffering from “cling envy” like yourself, is next time you Airbnb (yes I realise I just turned a brand into a verb), bring your crappy cling wrap from home – we all know you buy the supermarket homebrand, you aren’t fooling anyone – and then just swap it with the one they have at the house. Genius. Now if you’ll leave me be for a minute, I’ve got this annoying nostril hair I have to deal with…!

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