By Rubal K

    Drunken Disaster – It was a bold move to start the show with a tipsy waiter climbing a stack of wooden chairs to flaunt his hand-balancing skills. Perhaps it was the Absinthe that brought him to risk committing a highly likely drunken disaster. I must admit though; the guy knew what he was doing.

    Who? – What less could one expect from the Gazillionaire! From LA to Melbourne, the man has been everywhere to host some of the wildest parties with the hottest of circus acts in the fancy Spiegeltent. Drugs, sex and splurging are some of the simple pleasures this eccentric man can’t live without.

    Let’s talk about sex – The Gazillionaire’s assistant had to be one of a kind; the extroverted nymphomaniac Penny Pibbets. A load of cock-and-bull, Penny’s sack puppets stories were entertaining until the Gazillionaire saw her hands go where the sun don’t shine.

    Green Tease – Left completely baffled by the first act, an older man in the front row was nearly ready for CPR when the lustful green fairy indulged him in a Burlesque striptease! His young, blonde girl friend turned green with envy, as her sugar daddy lost his inhibitions to the Aussie dame’s alluring ways.

    Flamboyant – A youthful man pulled a number of fancy gymnast moves while his comrades tossed him high up in the air. Naturally, the task was rigorous, and drinking shots of booze between each attempt seemed like a plausible idea to keep the performers from losing their balance. Make no mistake; this little cameo seemed very well calculated given the Spiegeltent roof isn’t quite as high as Cirque du Soleil’s Yellow-Blue roof.

    Strapped in – A stunning couple redefined on-stage chemistry with a serene aerial ballet routine. Though this act seemed a little offbeat for a theme like Absinthe, it was refreshing to see the Gazillionaire’s emotional side.

    Bubble bum – The Gazillionaire obviously wasn’t being serious about love and passion, as his Swede stripper walked out swinging a massive balloon around before cheekily sneaking in to it. Abstract and naughty, the Swede had the right combination of bubble and bum to add to the Gazllionaire’s repertoire of sexy entertainers.

    Ich liebe dich – Two little German birdies maneuvered through the aerial hoops embracing each other’s divine bodies with oodles of affection. No cage could contain the free spirits that soared high in love. The birds shed one feather at a time, as they inched closer to a steamy climax.

    Guns and Poses – The Gazillionaire’s men in black weren’t just going to look pretty all evening. After all, there must be a reason why a filthy, rich man hired them. “Take all your clothes off,” yelled a lass in the audience, as the Polish bodyguards stripped down to their jocks! It was an astounding effort of hand-to-hand balancing in poses that required focus, strength, balance, and endurance.

    No wonder Absinthe has returned to Australian shores; it has all the chemicals necessary to make one hell of an intoxicating show! Despite a number of commonalities in the skill-set the acts possess, one cannot compare a show like Absinthe to Cirque du Soleil – they’re miles apart. Absinthe is an intimate X-rated circus for adults with a naughty side, although it’s all done in good taste; with humor for the open minded.

    Rating 4.5/5

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