By Sheridan Rose Shaw   

    Five years ago, if you had told me this would be my life, I would never have believed you.  

    I was in hospital, suffering mental health issues and resurfacing trauma. I was in the earliest stage of business, living paycheck to paycheck & in complete despair.  

    Fast forward… I am now… 

    • A salon owner to a wonderful team of six 
    • Hold space for 4 individual women-led businesses 
    • Awarded ‘Most Innovative Business of the Year ’22 by Maribyrnong City Council 
    • Three-time Australian Hair Industry Award finalists ‘22 
    • Kevin Murphy Icon Semi Finalist ‘21 
    • Australian Hair Fashion Awards Digital Influencer Of The Year ‘21 
    • A mentor  
    • An educator  
    • A mother to a son with a mullet 
    • A fiancé 

    And now, an official homeowner in my dream suburb [WEFO] with yes, a white, picket fence! 

    I couldn’t have even DREAMED this life for myself. None of these things were in the forefront of my mind.  

    But one thing I do know is I am a HARD worker. Over the last 10 years from my early 20’s to my just about to hit 30’s, I dug deep and did the inner work. The more inner work I did, the better my life got externally. WHO WOULD OF THUNK’? 

    Another thing I know is I live to get outside my comfort zone. I get the two year complacency itch where I can’t bear the thought of the same four walls. Every time this happens I begin to ask, what is my greatest desire? 

    Whatever it is I lean into the fire in my belly that drives me to the next chapter of my life. No matter how big or bold!  

    All these experiences have taught me an unstoppable amount of courage, faith & trust in myself & ‘the work’.  

    I love being someone who knows on a cellular level darkness & light. These experiences have restored my innate power & gifted me an incredible amount of strength that no one can take away from me.  

    Absolutely anyone can follow this path. It starts with taking responsibility & action to dig deep, face every demon/ limiting belief and let it alllll go.

    So what is your greatest desire? Are you living a life beyond your wildest dreams? Because I’m here to tell you, it is ALL possible & YOU TOO can have IT ALL!

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