By Mark Macdonald

    Trocadero Theatre, 119 Hopkins St, Footscray 1944

    Nestled in the heart of Footscray, the Trocadero Theatre witnessed almost a century of transformations in the inner-west suburb. Built in 1914, this iconic venue initially catered to Footscray’s glittering nightlife. In the roaring 20s it even served as the infamous ‘Troc Eagles’ street gang hangout.

    By 1939 the Mitchell family and Hoyts Theatres revamped the Trocadero as a beacon of modernity, fusing art deco elegance with cutting-edge cinema. This grand theatre boasted an impressive 1000 seats, offering an unparalleled viewing experience.

    However, like nearly all cinemas in Victoria at the time, it didn’t survive the great TV take-over of the late 50s, closing its doors forever on 29 May 1964. The beloved building was demolished making way for the Trocadero Arcade shopping strip that stands in its place today.

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    THEN & NOW
    THEN & NOW
    Column by Mark McDonald. If you like historical Then and Now photos of the west, follow

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