Year: 2023
    Genre: Action; Sports; Drama
    Duration: 1 Hour 57 Minutes
    Where to watch: Cinemas

    The ninth installment in the Rocky franchise is here and this one packs a punch! Pun most definitely intended. Since Michael B. Jordan became the new leading actor for the film series, the Creed films in particular have risen to new heights. An elevation in storytelling, cinematography and action, doubled with new and exciting soundtracks to boot, you’d think an experienced director would take the helm. Nope, Creed III sees the directorial debut for Michael B. Jordan whilst also playing the lead role, some big shoes to fill but Jordan wears them comfortably.

    Creed III notably doesn’t include Sylvester Stallone, from what I understand this was due to creative differences between himself and Jordan, thinking that the script was going “too dark”… but forgets that someone literally dies in the ring in his movies… but I digress. Personally I think the absence of Rocky helps the story and the Creed character, allowing Adonis Creed to grow and mature in his new life as a retired boxer, whilst dealing with the return and turmoil of his childhood friend Damien Anderson (Jonathan Majors). The story drives into the themes of family, childhood trauma and forgiveness, for a violent high action sport like boxing, these themes tie in exceptionally well and add an extra dimension to the fights.

    Speaking of the fights, the action choreography in this film is the best this series has seen. Jordan in interviews has stated that anime was a big inspiration for his directorial debut and you can definitely see from the get-go. Creative and visually pleasing cinematography, you can definitely see the influences of shows like Naruto and Hajime no Ippo to name a few.

    Regardless if you haven’t seen the other Rocky movies, take the time to watch the first two Creed films. Creed III is a fantastic film, with outstanding performances from all the cast and stunning visual storytelling.



    Year: 2023
    Genre: Action; Adventure
    Duration: 2 Hours 14 Minutes
    Where to watch: Cinema

    Thanks again to Paramount Studios for the invitation to the premiere for the film.

    Loosely based around the popular RPG board game, the same game that people in the 80s thought was a part of an anti-religious cult. DnD was popularised by the idea of role playing in a fantastical world with an array of different character types, exploring through creatively diverse and unique landscapes. With all that in mind and with an exciting collective of cast members, the potential for the film seemed limitless. But was that the case?

    DnD’s plot is a blend between a heist movie and a forever MacGuffin chase. It’s nothing new, it’s endless plot devices after another that all seem a little too convenient to tie the plot together.

    It’s about what I expected from a Dungeons and Dragons movie, some pretty cool effects, nice action choreography here and there, however the plot didn’t really mesh together for me in a convincing manner. Unfortunately, I can’t get into details with spoiling.

    If you are after a fun movie to take the kids to, then sure I’d take them to see this. But I could happily recommend other movies.


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