This film flew right under the radar for me, which is pretty sad because there are really not many films out at this moment.

But to be fair it is hidden amongst some great Aussie films that are out right now – this Irish film is a hidden gem. Pixie is about three young adults who come across a large stash of drugs, and they are desperate to sell it off so they can live a life they dream of. Olivia Cook (Ready Player One), Ben Hardy (Bohemian Rhapsody) and Daryl McCormack (Peaky Blinders) are all somewhat small actors in this small film who do an amazing job. What follows is laughter, lies and small town turf wars. I really enjoyed this movie, I was pretty hesitant at the start but those fears disappeared quickly. It does not hold back either; the Director Barnaby Thompson (who has worked in a lot of British comedies such as The Thin Blue Line and St Trinians) presents recognisable work. The story itself was easy to follow which is good because I always feel like that small budget films try to make up for this with a complicated story line. Definitely see this movie, don’t miss out. I saw it at the amazing Sun Theatre and I doubt its shown anywhere else locally. It is funny, well written and the actors they chose are simply perfect, plus the appearance of Alec Baldwin dressed as a priest just takes the cake.


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