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    The cover of Singularity

    By Balsam Karam

    Intertwining the lives of two mothers grieving their children and their countries in differing ways, The Singularity explores the experiences of displacement and survival with inventive, stylish prose. While one woman wanders the streets in search of a missing child, her family struggles to survive in poverty. Meanwhile, another woman recounts her story of finding belonging in a country she can’t call her own. 

    Karam’s command of language is nothing short of stunning. As she weaves one story into another, the history of each character slowly paints a larger picture of the impacts of war and oppression. Despite the seemingly insurmountable barriers her characters face, it is their perseverance and glimmers of hope that will leave you most moved.


    By Georgia Blain

    This posthumous collection of short stories from respected Australian author Georgia Blain has some of her best work.

    Simultaneously gentle and powerful, the stories compel you to slow down and ruminate on important themes: family and love, care and sacrifice, connection and loss.

    They are written beautifully in a reflective, melancholic tone, with pops of bright happiness and sweetness littered throughout, and moments that are guaranteed to stick with you.

    From a sister haunted by the consequences of a simple mistake, a daughter searching for certainty as her mother’s memory degrades, an encounter at a house party that changes the course of a life, Blain’s stories are always wise and forgiving.


    By Bernadette Green
    Ages 4-8

    Saturday is Pancake Day beautifully captures the essence of family traditions and the joy of togetherness. From flipping pancakes to concocting a mouthwatering blend of anchovies, cabbage, honeycomb, and chocolate chip pudding!

    Each step is a celebration of family bonds and the beauty of shared rituals. As the family gathers around the table, laughter fills the air, creating memories that last a lifetime. This delightful tale is a celebration of love, tradition, and the magic of spending time with those we hold dear.


    By Belinda Murrell
    Ages 6-9

    In this dynamic tale, a Princess called Tilly embarks on a courageous quest after she hears that the royal garden’s roses have been stolen and takes it upon herself to solve the mystery. She discovers that the criminal is merely a golden unicorn, eating the flowers. 

    The story highlights the beauty of friendship, as Tilly and the unicorn share an adorable bond. The princess is a strong, wilful girl who exceeds the expectations of those around her: her scientist father, reputable queen mother and the palace guards. Perfect for fans of the Princess in Black series! 

    The Sun Bookshop
    The Sun Bookshop
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