By Meagan Kearney

    The Westsider had the pleasure of chatting with social media influencer and life-long westsider, Jessica Le. She pedals the delights of ‘colourful outfits, fun times and rollerskating’. 

    Jessica features on this month’s cover posing in front of the stunning Flowers in a Minor (2021) mural, by Mike Maka aka Makatron and Katherine Gailer aka Katira, along with Conrad Bizjak and Jack Rowland, on Victoria Cresent, St Albans. It’s all about the power of colour!

    When did you start living in the west?

    I’ve lived in the west all my life. I grew up in North Sunshine and later in St Albans.

    What are your favourite aspects about living in the westside?

    I absolutely love the street art popping up around Brimbank. I love the food, especially bánh mì from Fresh Chilli Deli in St Albans. I love the bubble tea shops. Most of the restaurants have amazing food.

    I also love going to the Sun Theatre. The art deco details are fabulous. I love the outdoor atmosphere at the pop up park out the front too. All the cafes and shops around Yarraville, Williamstown and Seddon are fantastic! And now we have Grazeland in Spotswood which is also amazing with the most spectacular views of the West Gate bridge, especially at sunset.

    We love your passion for colourful fashion and rollerskating. Tell us more!

    I started dressing colourfully during the winter of 2018. I noticed that I was no longer experiencing the winter blues as I had in previous years. I haven’t looked back.

    I was inspired by my younger son who loves to mix and match prints and bright colours. Bright colours and prints bring me joy. It’s also a great creative outlet.

    It gives me the positive mindset or energy I need throughout the day. My kids like to style my outfits too. They also like to dress colourfully so we literally look like walking rainbows when we are out together.

    I picked up roller skating again about a year ago. It’s a fun way to exercise and it takes me back to the simpler times of my youth.

    I also love the skating community which is very welcoming and diverse. There are regular skating meetups at Docklands every Wednesday (pending weather) for skaters from all around Victoria.

    I sometimes like to skate at the outdoor rink at Princes Pier in Port Melbourne too. Sunshine Roller rink is another great place to skate. The music is always good there.

    How many gorgeous dresses do you have in your collection? If readers would like to get more colour in their life where do you suggest they start (recommendations of designers and/or retailers)?

    I have a lot of dresses in my collection. They are all colourful. There are many great small businesses that make great dresses including  Pretty Parcel, Lordy Dordie, Harvest Lane, Jericho Road Clothing, Scarlett Bird, Colour Pop Designs, Frank & Dollys, Rattamatatt, Obus and many more.

    We’re also enjoying your collab with fellow colour fashionista’s. Can you fill us in how this came about?

    Intuitive Styling @intuitivestyling came about when my fellow colour loving and #dopaminedressing friends Lisa Vainer @lisavain123 and Fran Arcuri @dreams.of.colour decided to share some of our self taught styling ideas with our followers.

    We love to collaborate with small businesses to showcase and promote their amazing creations and celebrate colourful fashion.

    Find Jessica Le on Instagram at @keanujess.

    Photo: Shaun Tanner @shauntannerphotographer


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