By Taylor Navarro 

    For many, November may be any other month. For the more organised or eager, probably the most stressful part of Christmas shopping. 

    But for some of our Year 12s, November is when all the buildup of pressure mounts into the peak or the boiling point of their final year of highschool— or what we know more familiarly as Year 12 exams. 

    With that month over, all that’s left to do is wait. For some, it’s a matter of holding their breath, eyes on the prize as they hope that their long-term goals might manifest into reality. For others, maybe the pressure is alleviated by earlier plans of schoolies or similar celebratory trips. Either way, the waiting game is inescapable. 

    So what scares them the most? And what do they have to lose if they fail? 

    But most importantly, why endure the pressure at all? 

    School is one of the most memorable periods of an individual’s life. It defines our past, some of our present, even sometimes our future. Some of our earliest memories have originated from our experiences at school. That’s also applicable to who we are as people and sometimes, our stance in life. That isn’t to say the welfare of our lives is dependent on how we perform in school, no matter how much some people insist on it. But the way we receive education, the way we seek it out and how much of ourselves we invest in it? It all amounts to something. 

    So many generations have passed through school. It’s a shared experience, yet one we fail to empathise with due to our differences varying from generation to generation. 

    As of the few years before, the current moment and the next few years to come, it’s Generation Z’s turn to make their mark, starting with highschool. And there are many ways we characterise Generation Z. 

    An obsession with the growing online empires of social media that affects how we interact with others in person? Possibly. 

    A short attention span and lack of attention to detail? Sometimes, but that can be anybody. 

    Lazy and ambitionless? Wrong

    This year’s and the coming years of Year 12s are some of the most hardworking, ambitious and passionate teens yet. Our generation is going to uproot some of the most traditional standards of the working world. 

    There are so many women in STEM preparing to enter the workforce. 

    There are so many men breaking into the fashion and makeup industries. 

    These kids are going to be the men, women and people who will change the world for the better. With each generation, we take a step forward into the future that’s yet to be written. The most we can do for them right now is show them our support in whichever form they need the most. 

    So friends, family and teachers of this year’s Year 12s? Make sure to cut them some slack when their brains are pushed to their max and remind them to take a break. Make sure to encourage them when all they need is to know that they’re not the only ones who believe in them!

    And as for the rest of us?

    We wish them good luck! 

    Make sure to cut them some slack when their brains are pushed to their max.

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