I’m Tom and my partner and I have been in and out of Williamstown since the mid 80’s. Back then there weren’t too many cafe options around. But coming back to Willi in 2014 after quite a few years away we were stunned by the number of choices. Now we’ve got at least 25 cafes in Willi (yeah….count ‘em!). So, choosing a favourite 3 is not easy. My criteria come down to great coffee (obviously), spot-on service and somewhere we can sit outside with our mutt (her criterium is a fresh bowl of Melbourne’s finest H2O).

  1. Kodama Coffee: 69-71 Stevedore Street

Kodama is a definite top 3 in terms of their coffee. Coupled with the most engaging and attentive staff, delectable bakery items from Candied (Spotswood) and an interesting menu you can see why this place is always busy.

  1. Platform 177: 177 Ferguson Street

The coffee is great, food is tops and the best thing is sitting outside watching the entertaining chaos of the North Willi Stn/Ferguson St crossing. Let’s hope the pollies don’t do anything stupid here as part of the rail crossing project (no sky rail, tunnels or other folly please – we like it just like it is)

  1. Crowded House: 48 Ferguson Street

A standard place for coffee for lots of Willi folk – just check out the queue on weekend mornings (it moves quickly though).  A great place to sit out the front watching the Ferguson Street goings-on. Or head to the sunny backyard. Top food as well.


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