Year: 2023
    Genre: Action, Spy, Mystery
    Duration: 2 Hours 43 Minutes
    Where to watch: Cinemas

    I won’t lie, I haven’t seen the other Mission: Impossible movies. I know, as a reviewer I should be ashamed of myself. I will say though, I was comfortably able to watch this film without prior knowledge of past events, with aid from the film giving the necessary backstory without driving itself too far away from the main plot.

    Mission: Impossible is undoubtedly Tom Cruise’s love baby (aside from the Top Gun franchise) and you can smell and see the passion the man has for the series. The action set pieces, the overall script and production and of course the stunts, are on full display and full throttle. With this being the 7th film in the franchise, and Part 1 of an overall story, the themes of the plot are based on an old Hollywood trope. 

    It’s done in a way that’s not exactly ‘realistic’, but is very plausible. The plot centres around Ethan (Tom Cruise) as his agents hunt for keys that allow access to an AI supercomputer. Running from the Secret Intelligence Service, Ethan and the IMF must come to terms that nothing else matters except the mission at hand.

    This film is pretty long (nearly three hours) but the pacing is pretty good. Knowing when to give the audience a switch up from the explosions/action and the heavy dialogue scenes, packing in humour when appropriate and necessary which is a good change for modern cinema.

    Overall it’s a fantastic film and allows for plenty of character growth for both old and new characters, hooking us in for the next film. Now off I go to binge 13 hours of the rest of this franchise.


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