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    Released: July 30, 2021 
    Genre: Hip-Hop 
    Runtime: 48 minutes 

    Isaiah Rashad is an artist who has grown on me over the last year as I relisten to this album and his older projects. In my first review for this album I had given The House Is Burning a 6/10. Which is by no means a bad score. 

    Much of the previous review still applies; killer smooth trap beats with booming production. It features amazing performances from the likes of Lil Uzi Vert, Smino, SZA and more. My initial review said the midway point of the album became a bit of a chore but now with some experience with the artist I’ve come to appreciate his style. Slick grooves, charmed and laid back vocals and fitting features, all without losing the lyrical ability to tell stories. 

    Isaiah Rashad has been really gaining momentum within the last few years and it’s clear to see why. He has his head on straight, a knack for songwriting and storytelling and lyrical abilities that are hard to come by. He has the ability to write hard head bogging banging or smooth introspective personal cuts. Please give his other albums a listen too. 


    VULTURES 1 – ¥$

    Released: February 9, 2024
    Genre: Hip-Hop
    Runtime: 55 Minutes 

    This is the highly anticipated debut record from RnB singer Ty Dolla $ign and Grammy award winning artist Ye, formerly known as Kanye West. It’s hard to review Kanye West; since 2022 he has been on an anti-semitic, Hitler loving and pro-white supremist campaign that not even the best PR team in the world could help him recover from. 

    Vultures 1 is a mix of basic, bland, hip-hop trap production blending in with pretty mediocre lyrics and average performances from all artists involved. The song ‘Back To Me’ is an odd song with barely listenable production. Even with Ty Dolla’s soul vocals and a pretty good feature verse from rapper Freddie Gibbs, it just falls flat like the rest of the album. If this is the level of artistry I can expect to hear on Vultures 2 and 3 then I’m scared for what’s to come. 


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