If I could change the world


    By Maddison Ward

    If I could change the world,
    It’s guaranteed that everyone’s voice will be heard.
    Over the hustle and bustle I’ll guide the meek,
    As we’re all unique, that’s what I aspire for others to seek.

    When I was young, I blended in with the shadows,
    Afraid to step into the light like I’d be faced with gallows.
    But I learnt later in life that we must all eventually take a leap,
    Whether it be shallow or deep or perhaps even steep.

    As we’re all just human and nothing more,
    So, what’s the point in living if life’s a never ending bore?
    Would living the way we do feel worth it in the very end?
    How many holes will be ripped and not mend?

    A lot, most likely,
    You’ll be sitting in a rocking chair alone in your mid nineties, pondering:
    “Why aren’t I happy?
    What did I do to become so unhappy?”

    Well, let me tell you why,
    Life flashed in front of your eyes,
    And before you knew it, surprise surprise!
    Everything crumbled like a feeble sandcastle around you,
    Leaving you to feel nothing except a longing sense of blue.

    So, if I could change the world,
    We would all exceed the standards hurled.
    Life would be an adventure almost every day,
    And we wouldn’t reside in some low-budget play.
    All the holes would be mended, finally

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