Once again The Westsider is prepared to open the can of worms that hold the tough questions that make us all uncomfortable.

    The question for July – “Would you support a family member or friend if you found out they were in process of a gender transition?”

    Harley Terrell – I would support them in their decision. As a friend or family member it is important to support others lifestyle choices and help them through it. I know that if I were to decide to go through it myself that I would have their support and encouragement so I would give them the same courtesy. It is also not my place to decide what a person should do with there life or there body because it doesn’t affect me. It is solely the decision of the individual who wants to go through with a change, and so they should be supported and encouraged to do whatever makes them happy.

    Clint Maher – Yes I would certainly support all of my family members and friends with any life choice they make as long as no harm was done to themselves or others. In our society today we tend to focus on the appearance of others and without understanding make judgements about who that person is and what they might believe in. If you spend all of your time judging others, and concerning yourself about things that don’t have anything to do with you then you may realize later in life that you’ve wasted your life. These subjects are futile and we should all just try to focus on loving yourself, loving your family and living your life to the fullest.

    Grace Magill – Well I don’t think it’s anybody’s business what people want to do with their body, or their lives. For some people, being in a body that doesn’t feel quite as the same on the inside is a very important thing. I have a friend who has gone through this very transition and I think to myself how hard and courageous it would be to bring out into the world, to feel at peace with yourself. Imagine being trapped in something you’re not? My friend went through alot of ridicule with their friends and family some of who were more accepting than others which can be pretty daunting. I think it’s pretty cool and of course I supported them, what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t and who am I to judge anyone else?

    Phuong To – I would definitely give them my full support. If they were in the process already then it would confirm to me that they have thought carefully about this life altering procedure. That is the most important, they were confident and feeling assured that this procedure is what will make them happy for the rest of their life. To me they would still be the same person I have always known, nothing would change that. The only change would be their new superficial appearance which wouldn’t mean much to me since appearance don’t mean much between family or true friends. It is what is inside that matters the most.

    Wayne Herft – It really depends who and how long I have known the person. Supporting a friend or family member during the process of their gender transition wouldn’t always be a easy task. I think, if you didn’t support a friend or family member during their gender transition you would lose them. You will have to ask yourself do you want to remain a close family member or friend with them. At the same time depending how close you are to the person you may feel lied to or upset and in shock. For me it will all depend how close I am to the person and if I want them to play a part in my life and if I want to play a part in their’s. It all depends on the level of support and the type of support. I could easily say for most of my close family and friends I would be supportive during the process and for the future of there gender transition.

    Chelsea Miller – Of course. It’s a tough time for not only the person that is going through the transition, but its tough on all of the people in that persons life so not only does the person going through the transition need support, so do the friends and family of that person. You love this person, not because of their gender but because of who they are as a person and if they don’t feel comfortable within their body, why should they feel forced by society to live their life purely based on their gender? I would support anyone going through the transition, family or not.

    Zac Boicovitis – I actually don’t know if I could support them because it’s not in my religion. I know it might sound weird and not good but that’s how I see it. I know I would do anything for a friend or family member but I just couldn’t support them with a gender transition because god made you into a man or woman. Why would you want to change? It just doesn’t make any sense to me. Sorry, it might be harsh but I couldn’t support a friend or family member in a process of a gender transition!

    Jessica Appleton – Big fat yes. Of course I would support them they are my family and I love them no matter what their outside looks like, it has nothing to do with me if they feel like they want to change gender. That is all up to them and I believe if you love someone you support them no matter what even if you don’t agree with it because that is what you do for family, and before you judge them you should look at your own life which wouldn’t be perfect, if your not perfect you shouldn’t judge them for something they cant help. I think its just like judging someone because of their eye color they cant help it so what is the difference, they cant help that they don’t feel like the gender they were born with, so to make themselves happy they are going to go through a gender change to become the person they feel like on the inside.

    Lelet Lumani – I would support them because you have loved and supported that person all their life and I would continue to love and support them. I believe that everyone is entitled to do what they want within the law of course. Also I think support for that person is important as most people in the outside world would not accept the fact that a person wants to change their identity.

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