Struggling to find your mojo? Dazed and confused? Don’t know where your towel is? Pete understands, and is here to listen to all your first world problems…

    Pete every time I go on holidays I get sick. I was in Paris last month and I’d barely arrived before I had the sniffles. Am I normal?

    Stephanie, Williamstown North (via email)

    Stephanie if you’d said you had been in Columbia last month I might have been suspicious and certainly less sympathetic than I usually am. But I got the train out to Belgrave one time and you know what – I got the sniffles too! So I think it is normal. Mind you it was about 4 degrees and some idiot had forced all the windows and doors open, so by the time I arrived at Puffing Billy – the Belgrave equivalent of Euro Disney – I had a severe case of ‘gelure’, that’s frostbite to you!

    Dear Pete, all of a sudden I’ve noticed that my life is very device-driven. Everything I own needs charging, its got to the point where I can’t leave the house because something has to be plugged in. Why can’t they all just run out of charge at the same time?

    Bryan, Yarraville (via FB)

    Bryan I have two possible solutions for you… but you’re not going to like them! You either need to get a really, really long charger cable that can be plugged in at home but still follow you everywhere, or, you need to get a life! But seriously Bryan, what are all these devices you’re charging and where do they sit in your priorities list? Iphone? A few hours being unreachable and disconnected won’t kill you. Laptop? Why do you need to work while you’re walking? Camera? Surely you don’t need to document every moment of your life – besides, we all know what you do with your day (charge your devices!). Electric toothbrush? OK i get that, dental hygiene is a must, that’s the biggie in my book, the rest can just wait…

    Hi ‘Ask Pete’, hey what is it with streaming movies? The last couple of times I’ve done it and it’s frozen with 10 minutes to go, didn’t even get to see the end.

    Jack, Footscray (via email)

    Ha! So your movie is ‘Frozen’ and you missed it? Because I can tell you how that ends! You see they storm Princess Elsa’s ice castle, and the guards from Weselton try to kill her. Olaf frees Anna, Hans is defeated, Kristoff saves the day and declares his love for Anna as the kingdom finally thaws. The sisters are reunited and they all live…. well you know, it is Disney after all. Oh, but if you meant something else by your question, you know, like something technical, then sorry I can’t help you. What you should do is Ask Dick (Smith).

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