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Rosemary’s Fruit

Named after Madam Rosemary, who ran an illegal pub/brothel near Ballarat in the 1870s, it’s the perfect remedy to kickstart your day or ease you into the evening. With freshly squeezed juices, plus the cheeky addition of blanco tequila (which has no nasties and no reason to give you the hangovers), you’re basically drinking health and happiness.



  • 45ml Tequilla
  • Orange juice
  • Mixed berry juice
  • Sweet green juice
  • Beetroot juice



  • Add ice to tall glass
  • Add orange juice to 1/3rd
  • Add tequila
  • Add 45 ml mixed berry juice
  • Fill with sweet green juice
  • Add dash of beetroot juice and serve

(Get down quickly to Andy’s Remedy, 45 Moreland St, Footscray, as Andy and the 12 team are taking a break from 12 October as the FCAC will be re-utilising the space. They’ll be back somewhere soon!)

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