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By Lisa Price

Throughout the day, take time to stop and notice your posture.

When sitting, pay attention to your posture. Notice where your head is positioned. Is it centred on top of your neck in the middle of your shoulders? Or is it leaning forward? How can you adjust your body to centre your head? Do you need to gently raise your chest or lift up from the abdomen?

Make an adjustment and notice what happens. Where can you feel the weight of your head now? Does it feel more balanced?

Now take your attention to your feet. Can you feel your feet grounding into the floor? Are both feet in alignment or is one foot in front of the other? Make an adjustment so that your feet are in alignment with a small space between them. Gently press your feet into the floor. Does that change your posture? Notice what happens to your entire body.

Play around with the position of your feet, your sitting bones, your upper body -until you feel balanced and centred. Pay attention to how it feels to be centred. Connect with your posture. Take 5 deep breaths then release.

Mindful Yoga with Lisa Price runs Tuesday mornings, Thursday nights and Saturday mornings at Flourish in Seddon.

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