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    Who pays for safety bollards outside tobacco shops?

    I’d like to know who a) approved, and b) paid for, the installation of bollards outside the tobacco shop on Anderson St in Yarraville. Bollards have appeared outside shops in Footscray as well. Can anyone have these installed outside their premises? And what is the cost?


    Response: attributable to Maribyrnong City Council CEO, Celia Haddock

    Installation of the bollards was carried out independently by the business owner, without prior approval from the Council. Council became aware of this after the installation had taken place.

     As the footpath is a Council managed property, it is subject to regulations outlined in the Council’s General Purpose Local Law 2015. As such, a permit is necessary for any structures occupying this land. Upon request from the Council, the bollards have been removed by the business owner.

    Community concerns about Newport Major Hazard Facilities 

    Noticeable community opinion indicates that there is growing concern regarding the proper government regulation of the Newport Major Hazard Facilities.

    There are allegations that the application of government regulations for Major Hazard Facilities may be dysfunctional in providing community protection and ensuring a safe environment due to the consequences from fatal incidents at Major Hazard Facilities, and Major Hazard pipelines.

    There are real concerns about the covert 5 year licensing of encroaching MHFs, with MHF’s as beneficiary, presenting as a significant component of state economics and expansion of (taxpayer funded) state energy/ hydrocarbon reserves.

    These concerns have been put to our elected representatives, without meaningful response.

    The public has a right to know and should be rightfully concerned about what is happening, the circumstances and the dangers involved.

    Rex Allum

    Concerned by HBCC Councillor behaviour

    I am an interested resident of Hobsons Bay who expects our elected councillors to be leaders and exemplify what we should all aspire to be. Respectful, considerate and very professional in their behaviour towards each other are the minimum standards that should apply.

    I was therefore very concerned when Cr. Briffa referred to Cr. Kellander in a derogatory way in the February 2024 Council meeting.

    My specific grounds for disapproval of Cr. Briffa’s behaviour is a comment that can be heard in the council meeting’s audio stream at 1 hour 21 minutes and 51 seconds. 

    Cr Briffa alleged in the meeting that Cr. Kellander leaked the findings of an arbitration process to the press.

    Cr. Kellander responded saying that the allegation was ‘garbage’.

    Cr. Briffa replied ‘and that is where we found you’.

    Cr. Briffa’s behaviour in making this statement is unacceptable. The chairperson of the meeting should have immediately requested Cr. Briffa withdraw the comment. The chair failed to do so.

    I believe that Cr. Briffa should be censured for her improper conduct. Failure to act on this issue can be interpreted as evidence of the dysfunction of this council. 

    Kaylene O’Shea

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    Editor Barbara Heggen
    Editor Barbara Heggen
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