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By Grace Magill

“Freecycle”started in Tucson, Arizona as an international nonprofit freebie website. it’s a great gift-giving network for people all around the world,made up of 5,000+ groups with over 7 million registered members.

It’s one of my favourite community websites and makes a very thoughtful and more personal way to give and makes you feel better about receiving. It’s a website which allows a wide variety of second hand goods to be given away absolutely free,with it also reducing the amount of unused products to be used again and again keeping it out of our landfills.

Every item thats posted on the site must be legal,free and suitable to all ages. So make sure if you have any old tools to get rid of or some old toys to give away there’s a person,big or small waiting to make somebody else’s trash their treasure.

The operating expenses and server are funded by mostly on-site advertising and corporate underwriting,grants and individual donations, a membership to this website is totally free.

Volunteer moderators run these groups and members also take part in a helping hand that reduces waste and saves our resources which makes our earth cleaner.

A small non-profit organisation(RISE) in May 2003 was helping the founder Deron Beal establish the website so he sent out his first email to handful of nonprofits and friends to get it all started. Email is a great and super fast way for all the unused items to be reused again by people within the community in need.

I have visited,given and received from this website and I highly recommend giving it a go. (Its feel good,spiritual and remember sharing is caring.)

Freecycle is active in most parts of Australia and around the world.

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