Vietnamese cuisine is as synonymous with the west as bridges, trucks and industry. Wander the streets of any of our busy shopping districts, and the chances of coming across a purveyor of hearty pho, spring rolls or spicy rice vermicelli are as strong as the lovely aromas that emanate from within. It is here the Westside Seagull has hovered over the humble Bánh mì – a favourite otherwise known as the Vietnamese pork roll.

Nhu Lan 116 Hopkins st, Footscray

This cute little Vietnamese roll store is one of Footscray’s best, perfect for when you want something light and filling, or maybe for when you are in a rush and don’t have the time to sit in a restaurant. I recommend the bread roll, the service is efficient and the staff are friendly. Every time I get a roll I am always satisfied and full. There is a lot of choice depending on what you prefer in your roll; pork, chicken, ham, meatballs and even vegetarian toppings if you so desire. You can add a little spice with some chilli – these rolls are always fresh and crunchy. You just can’t go wrong!

Nhu Lan also serve deserts for those who want something sweet after their roll. My favourite would have to be the sponge roll. I’ve been a big fan for a couple of years and am glad my grandma randomly bought me one once – I am now hooked and have my friends hooked too!  (Jennifer Manivong)

Rating 4/5

Fresh Chilli Deli, Shop 2/304-310 Hampshire Rd Sunshine

Fresh Chilli Deli rolls are conveniently located on the main strip of Sunshine. They have a large range of pork, chicken and vegetarian rolls. Food is prepared in front you and all bread rolls and salads are cut daily. They also sell pies, sausage rolls, sweets and a range of drinks but, most punters are there for the Vietnamese rolls. Unlike other shops they have a good selection of fillings and vegetarian options. The staff are friendly and if you’re a regular they remember you. They can be busy during the lunch hour but they are quite quick and orderly. The place is well staffed and most importantly clean.

Fresh Chilli Deli is by far one of the best Vietnamese rolls I have had. The rolls are freshly baked and there is plenty of juicy succulent chicken and fresh salad. The rolls have a well balanced flavour and they have their own sauce which compliments the fillings. I would highly recommend this place if you would like great tasting Vietnamese rolls or if you are in the area. (Wayne Herft)

Rating 5/5

B&T Bakery, 286 A Hampshire Rd Sunshine

Another institution in the west, B&T Bakery spend much of their day knocking out a variety of simple and satisfying rolls. The baguettes are as crunchy and authentic as you would expect given the French influence on Vietnamese baking, the salads fresh, and the fillings hot and ready to be sliced and inserted into your order. The queue moves quickly, and the staff are friendly and efficient.

But what about the all important barbecue pork? Herein lies the dilemna – which one to choose? Whether you go for the classic, plum glazed or meatball roll, B&T have you covered.

Another great Bánh mì option in the west. (Westside Seagull)

Rating 4/5

Photo credit: “Bánh mì xíu m?i-meatball-sandwich” by Nummymuffin (Wikipedia)

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