Free Game App Reviews By Erin Wallace

Name: Burn It Down

Price: Free

Mode: Time rush/Levels

Platform: iOS

Overview: Race the clock through a 50 level black and white pixel house. Try to save the little pixel lady from a horrible fate. Duck and jump through moving obstacles and try not to get stabbed (to death!) before the time runs out.

Rating: 4/5 – An intriguing game. I played it twice as I didn’t beat the timer the first attempt, when I got to the end it was not what I expected…

Name: QuizUp

Price: Free

Mode: Quiz/Battle

Platform: iOS/Android

Overview: Battle players from around the world for titles in any genre imaginable. Move your way up through subject specific ranks by winning quizzes. Obtain different achievements for various objectives such as completing a certain number of rounds, or versing players from different countries. You can even receive a monthly title for being the #1 in Australia for your favourite topic.

Rating: 4/5 – A fun app to test what you know about your favourite subjects. My favs are The Big Bang Theory and Minecraft trivia.

Name: Sonic Dash

Price: Free (In-Game purchases optional)

Mode: Console expansion/highscore

Platform: iOS/Android

Overview: Throw-back to the 90’s? Hell yeah. Similar to the ‘Special Stages’ in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 you travel down the half-pipe collecting coins and avoiding track blockages. Add your friends and fight for the highscore. If you’re into bettering your score each run, this is your game.

Rating: 3/5 – The retro boredom buster. I didn’t find myself getting addicted as the game play resembled Temple Run which I didn’t enjoy.

Name: Monopoly

Price: Free

Mode: Board game

Platform: iOS

Overview: Play with up to 3 mates with ‘Pass & Play’ or have a go against the computer opponents at any difficulty level. As well as the original game type you can try different versions: ‘Speed Die’ or ‘Rush’. You can even play with your own rules in ‘House Rules’.

Rating: 5/5 – Being able to play a board game alone is always awesome in my books. A big plus is that there is no in app purchases holding you back from any part of the game.

Name: Hay Day

Price: Free. (In-Game purchases optional)

Mode: Story mode

Platform: iOS/Android

Overview: Grab your shovel and a hat, we’re off to the farm! Grow crops, raise animals and supply products using the materials gathered. Fill demanding orders on your farm billboard, sell at your own cute stall, or to the neighbours. As you progress through levels and make money, expand your farm and unlock different aspects: a mine, fishing dock and the rest of your farm.

Rating: 5/5 – This game is super addictive. The dedication of the makers of the game have constantly provided updates and new features which keeps you wanting to play. The most recent update even allows you to unlock your own town.

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