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I firstly I want to say how remarkable this film is. After seeing it for the first time, the only thing I could think of was when I can see it again. Christopher Robin is the after story of his tales of Winnie the Pooh when he was a child. Christopher is now older with a wife and kid and is working a hard job that takes up too much of his family time. At the same time Pooh, all the way in Surrey, can’t find his friends so he makes his way to London and runs into Christopher Robin, a sweet reunion.

What follows is a magical journey with lots of emotion. The search to find childhood and heart is the true theme to this film along with the value of family and friends. The characters look so real, and the artistic design is spot on. Ewan McGregor leads an all star voice cast that makes this movie so remarkable, from the sweet soft voice of Pooh to the up beat voice of Tigger. The Director Marc Forster must be recognized for his work as I am sure it will be duly rewarded.

I recommend this to absolutely everyone. I enjoyed it and so did my 89 year old grandma. The story it tells is truly beautiful and speaks to your heart. Beautifully made in the English country side is also a spectacle to see.

Please go watch it.

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