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Rowan Atkinson is back in the third installment of the bumbling MI6 spy Johnny English. I am a great believer that sequels should never be looked down upon, as this is a film that holds true. This slapstick comedy is based on the idea that what if all of Britain’s spy identities are exposed and Her Majesty’s last resort is a dim witted, retired spy. To me this film closely resembles the old T.V. series Get Smart. What ensues is the fantastic work of Rowan Atkinson. Everyone remembers Rowan from such roles from Mr. Bean to Blackadder, extremely similar characters and this one is no different.

I thoroughly enjoyed this as I am a big fan of Atkinson’s films, and I believe that everyone is a fan of his work. This movie has all the right humour in a the right places, the timing is perfect and doesn’t go overboard. The storyline is ok and I do wish a bit more effort was put in but that is just the way it goes with some comedies, but that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it or you won’t enjoy it either.

All three movies in the series have a strong cast, this really does help with some ‘cheesy’ acting that you may get with such films, an added bonus.

Please go and see this film with an open heart. It is easy watching and 100% enjoyable for the whole family.

Full of fun and laughter it will leave you with a smile across your face.

That is what this film is all about.

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