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By Michael Townsend

Ever driven south on Geelong Road and been temped for a drive-thru burger at the prominent red and yellow burger chain on the corner of Sommerville Road? Next time you are, I encourage you to pull in and go to the place across the road instead. Gourmet chicken burgers and healthy salads await you at Manok, you can thank me later.

Phillip has been working in kitchens since he was fifteen and after twenty years as a chef his unique experiences in gourmet cooking have come to Yarraville. He has taken over 351 Somerville Road to bring his new eatery to life where he exclusively uses large Bannockburn free range chicken to craft his masterpieces. “I’ve always believed in good quality food and only source the freshest local ingredients.”


Phillip takes pride in his handcrafted peanut sauce and meticulous sweet chili sauce. “I make my own sauces fresh daily, these are recipes I’ve developed over 20 years.” He has expertly placed Manok to be at the gourmet end of the chicken spectrum with many of his dishes seeming more at home in a nice restaurant than for food on the go. Try getting chemical-free pulled chicken with roasted vegetables and a fresh pumpkin, walnut and rocket salad from the burger chain across the street. Phillip loves chicken, that much is clear but you can also find great coffee and exotic milkshakes like the vanilla and coconut triumph. Want to feed your small army at home, no problem, they can take large orders over the phone and they can also provide corporate catering.


Manok is open for lunch and dinner from Monday to Saturday. If you haven’t been to see them, then put it on your to-do list; it really is a must. Especially if you are being drawn to the pretend food of the burger chain on the corner, skip the sugar and chemicals for a real food experience at Manok. Invest the extra few minutes to come in and see just how good chicken can be. Manok after all means “For the Love of Chicken” and once you have experienced it, you will love it too.

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