OK, you’ve had a couple of sangers from it, perhaps loaded up the feta, perhaps a smear of mint sauce, and you’re done. But there’s still a decent handful of Sunday’s roast lamb left over. Cannelloni, my friend, cannelloni!

Make a sugo – an onion, some garlic sweated up, a couple of cans of good tomatoes [make at least one Italian and one to support our local producers], burn off a decent whack of the half bottle of chardy still in the fridge from Xmas, a madge of sugar, s&p to taste [lots for me]. I like chilli in it – go on.

Grind up your lamb [you really don’t need much, just a couple of handfuls] 300 grams of ricotta [the bog standard one, NOT low fat or ‘premium’] and a couple of mitts full of wilted English spinach, scudge over about 1 teaspoon of nutmeg and too much Parmesan reggiano.

Stuff this lot into a forcing bag [a plastic bag with a corner removed will do] and fill pre-cooked cannelloni shells.

Into the bottom of an oven dish splash a bit of sugo and then place your shells. Cover with the rest of the sugo, and then lay over the top slices of mozzarella. You can add more Parmesan here, but it can make it a bit chewy – leave it for the table.

Bake for 35 minutes at 200C, a little less if you like it real al dente.

Test with a skewer. There. That’s tonight’s dinner, and tomorrow night’s. You’re welcome. JD


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