Frank Legudi is a local financial advisor who started his career at Collins & Co in Footscray in 1998 and became their newest partner in July 2020. He is well known for his proven track record of successful business and personal outcomes for his clients, making him an essential advisor and one of Collins & Co’s brightest stars.

Having established himself as a client-centric tax accountant, Frank also assists his clients with business planning, asset protection, and succession planning. With the constant challenges business owners face, Frank remains steadfast to help and steer his clients towards a brighter and flourishing future.

Frank has lived in the west all his life, and worked here in the inner-west for over 20 years.

“Originally I was drawn to Footscray by work, and opportunities to support clients, opportunities in the organisation, and personal development. But I also found a great cultural fit here in the inner-west.”

20 years has seen a lot of change for Frank, both in the local area and in the landscape of his work.

“Technology has made working remotely easier but also raised client service expectations. The evolution of the industry, my role as a trusted advisor, and a wider range of connections and networks have all happened in that time.”

COVID has been particular challenging for Frank and many of his Collins & Co clients, who like most of us are worried about the short, medium and long-term impacts of the shutdown and life adjustments we have needed to make. There have still been small joys to find each day though.

“Client success, client satisfaction, making a difference or assisting a client in achieving a business or personal goal, working with a professional team, working with connections and networks to achieve goals for our clients – these are all great feelings.”

For favourite hangouts Frank enjoys the Plough Hotel in Footscray, and can often be spotted at the Duchess of Spotswood café grabbing the daily essentials. The cafes and shops of Williamstown are also a popular spot.

As for Frank’s hopes for the future here?

“For Collins & Co to continue to grow as an organisation that adds value and builds strong relationships with clients, and to continue to work with my clients in pursuit to strive for excellence and sustained success. I view my client’s success as my own success.”

Contact Frank at Collins & Co on 9680 1000, or via fl@collinsco.com.au. Collins and Co are a community partner of The Westsider.


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