I love writing this editor’s note every month. As I’ve always said, when someone gives you the opportunity to write something, you should take it, and say something worth reading – hopefully I’ve achieved that. It’s not always about bludgeoning people with your opinions, sometimes a subtle perspective can be like acupuncture for the brain – a fine needle into microscopic synapses with the effect being the production of a few pulses of thought while we sip our coffee.

In the meantime, what an awesome year this was. We’ve knocked out 11 quality editions, grown our distribution network, and expanded our digital following on web and social media platforms. All this with a team of 20 or so passionate locals who have turned up, written, edited, snapped, drawn, laid out, uploaded, responded and instagrammed. Please join me in thanking the people listed on the left, plus some long standing star contributors who have either retired or are enjoying a hiatus, like Eliesha Rae, Sarah Gregg, Rachel Devine and Mario Varricchio. Without these people, there is no Westsider.

This edition also marks the ‘season finale’ for both the colourful and thoughtful Maribyrnong Freight News created by James James, a contribution that requires immense effort each month, and also Angry Train Guy by John Dickson, who’s tales defy both logic and spell-checkers. Will we see our heroes again? In the words of John’s fallible protagonist ‘Mandible’; complete disconglomerablity seems unlikely…

Seddon Community Branch of the Bendigo Bank continues to champion The Westsider, and additionally, no thank-you note would be complete without a mention of our past and current Community Partners; VU @ Metrowest, McGrath, Transurban, The Village Store, Yarraville Community centre and Bikram Yoga. plus ongoing advertisers Costless Blinds, Hampstead Dental, Tim Watts MP, Shine Lawyers and Mobil. These guys have proven to be true inner-west leaders.

2019 shapes as being even better, and I encourage you once again to take the opportunity to contribute – it’s a privilege you’ll notice more when its gone than when its here.

Thanks for reading and see you next year.

Derek Green,
Managing Editor, The Westsider

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