By Wayne Herft

    Thinking of a holiday? How about Thailand!

    Thailand is one of the rare holiday destination which pretty much caters to anyone, whether you’re young or old, it has plenty on offer. There are countless options for family, friends, couples and groups. Whether you want to just sit back and relax or you want to go out and explore there is something  for you. There are a huge range of hotels, resorts and villas to choose from for all budgets and taste.

    There are countless activities, places, events, restaurants, and shows on offer. Kids will love the zoos, safari parks, aquariums and parks where they can have a memorable experience patting and taking photos with many animals. If you are interested in the night life you have unimaginable options available to you all over the city with bars, pubs, rooftops, clubs, lounges or, you can walk one of the many night markets across the city to get a bite to eat and enjoy the local cuisine and culture, even have a massage. You can surely have a night to remember. Spas and Massages, are an absolute must in Thailand with massages and spa’s on almost every street and at great affordable prices. If you aren’t too ticklish, you can visit a fish spa, where hundreds of fish known as the “doctor fish” suck all the dead skin off your feet or if you brave your body. They don’t have any teeth, so they can’t bite off skin. They can only nibble at the dead, flaky skin with their lips. People describe the sensation as ticklish, treatment usually takes 15 to 30 minutes. Skin feels noticeably smoother and fresh. Thailand has a fair few “must do’s”, fish spa would have to be one.

    Here are a few more must do and see in Thailand; the famous floating market, Bangkok zoo, the Grand Palace, the Golden Buddha made of real gold and, the Island of Phuket. Thai people are always there to help and always have a smile on their face whether you are lost, having trouble with the menu or simply walking down the street you will always be able to spark up a conversation with a local.

    Having travelled to Thailand on numerous occasions with friends and family, I must say Thailand is a great place to holiday with its variety of activities, places and things to do and see. It’s a city which is forever changing and you really never know what to expect when you step out. The variety is endless no matter what you wish to do; food, shopping, going out, massage.

    I last visited Thailand with 3 friends. We spent the duration of our trip in Phuket. We had an absolute  blast, eating out, going to the beach, shopping, mixing with the locals, exploring the islands and exploring the night life. We hired scooters and drove around the mountain regions, exploring and enjoying the scenery. We found waterfalls and great places to just stop to relax and enjoy, there was plenty of small stalls on the way for refreshments. We also did some touristy day trips and island trips, the best day trip by far was the Phi Phi Island boat tour. The boat tours usually take you to Phi Phi Island and to a few small Islands off the coast of Phuket. You also get to go snorkelling in the warm waters and see all sorts of tropical fish.

    Thailand is fairly multi cultural so there are many types of cuisines and alot of Thai restaurants have a mixture of Indian and European, if you do get sick of the cuisine there is a good variety of international cuisine. I will also recommend one of the seafood restaurants along the beach, which have FRESH delicious seafood.

    If you decide to have a quiet day you can sit around the pool drink smoothies, cocktails have  BBQ’S and just relax at your hotel, villa.. . ..

    Thailand was a wonderful memorable experience and I highly recommend it for all. My friends and I, have all different taste and we all enjoyed our time away. Thailand is very affordable and great value.

    Next time you’re thinking of a holiday, maybe Thailand?

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