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By Kyle Withers

The newest addition to the Netflix originals is the movie Extraction. Aussie Chris Hemsworth stars as mercenary for hire Tyler Rake, who is tasked with retrieving the kidnapped son of a drug lord. With the directors and producers heavily involved with the Marvel Cinematic Universe you would expect something bold and amazing.

But unfortunately, I am going to say no. Tyler’s job to return the son, Ovi soon hits a road block when unforeseen events transpire. Now his job has become a whole lot more complicated. This film tries to pull at the heart strings but it really doesn’t work out, because deep down its still a hard core action film. Personally I believe that 90% of movies of this genre end up being the same. What this film does do well is its stunt choreography. That’s the work of director/stunt director Sam Hargrave. What he has achieved is a seamless transition of extreme violence. Many of the action shootout scenes are single shot, similar to the film 1917 but on a much smaller scale. It works well in small doses and makes those scenes really enjoyable. But other than that this movie is pretty average. Its not like they could improve the story but there is only so much you can get out of these action shooter films. In the end I don’t rate this film all that much. Yes I did enjoy the actions scenes but that’s all there is to it. And yes there is a bit too much violence.  

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