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    Pete I recently sold an old jacket at a garage sale, slightly reluctantly I must admit, but it never fitted brilliantly, there was just something about it I always liked. Anyway last weekend I saw someone wearing it down the street and I felt like going up to the guy and asking for it back. Would that have been weird?

    David, Kingsville (via email)

    David I’m trying to work out what’s weirder, keeping a jacket that doesn’t fit, or accosting strangers in the street over their choice of clothing. What is it that bothers you so much about this situation? Did this jacket make that guy look younger, richer, and more buffed than you? Did you create some wonderful memories while wearing the jacket? Or do you just not like sharing? Oooh, maybe it’s a MAGIC jacket David, it’s sirens call is irresistible to all who’s gaze across its beautiful stitching, warm lining and well thought out, convenient pockets. Or maybe it’s just a moth-eaten, ill-fitting curse that’s better off forgotten mate…

    Pete I have a friend who I feel like I have watched transform from vaccine hesitant to borderline anti-vaxxer over the last year. She makes comments about the COVID vaccine like “I’m not putting poison into my child’s arm” and that kind of thing. When I ask “why not” she says because she doesn’t know what’s in it. But she isn’t a scientist. Neither am I, but I’m finding it hard to communicate with her and feel like I’m losing her. What should I do?

    Sarah, Newport (via Facebook Messenger)

    Sarah why don’t you ask her if she eats margarine, or puts that in her child’s mouth? If she says yes, then ask her if she knows what’s in it – if she knows I will be amazed. Then ask why she eats it if she doesn’t know what’s in it? If the answer is “because it’s approved and if it wasn’t they wouldn’t let people eat it” then you have got her! (For the record it’s: Hydrogenated Oleic Fatty Acid CH3CH3, H2O, Lactic Acid [C3H6O3] Oleic Fatty Acid [H2C=CH2 + H2], Potassium Sorbate[C6H7KO2], NaCl, Soy Lecithin [Contains 3 phospholipids – phosphatidylcholine {C10H18NO8PR2}, phosphatidylethanolamine {C7H12NO8PR2} and phosphatidylinositol {C47H83O13P{, and beta-Carotene [C40H56])!

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