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by Jennifer Piper

Full disclosure: I’m an actor and theatre-maker, so it’d be pretty foolish for me to tell you not to go to the theatre is a waste of time. Nevertheless, here’s seven reasons why you should get yourself a ticket.

1. Nobody sees the show you see

Not only is every performance unique, every view of the performance is different. So every person in the audience gets their own version of the show.

2. It’s right there in front of you

Netflix has close ups, but can you actually feel the person in the room with you? With theatre, the actors respond to you – you’re the final piece of the puzzle.

3. You’re part of a moment

When the group laughs together, they trigger joy in each other. You can feel everyone around you hold their breath with you in a moment of suspense. Sitting in a darkened theatre with a bunch of strangers is magic.

4. Community

You never know who you’ll see as you walk into the theatre. Neighbours, your favourite barista, the person who taught your kids piano… anyone could be there.

5. A night out!

Trying to take time for yourself at home is hard. When’s the last time you let yourself have a night out just because. And with local theatre, you don’t have to worry about how you’ll get there, where you’ll park or whether you can be bothered going into town.

6. Meeting the artists

You probably won’t see Steve Buschemi in the foyer after a movie (or in your kitchen). But at the theatre, your post-show drink can turn into a close encounter of the artistic kind.

7. Make the world better

Art is a fundamental human need. Going to theatre supports the artists who made it happen. In a world where the arts are being defunded, children are losing imagination and society’s ability to empathise is bottoming out, art is a powerful way to build us back up.


See “That Time Everything Went Well And We Were Totally Fine” from 1 to 16 Nov at Bluestone Church Arts Space, Tickets

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