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By Qian Zhu

I just came back from my holiday to Si Chuan province in China. The capital city is Chengdu, which is an unforgettable and interesting place. I am Chinese, but I have been living in Australia for ten years. It means that it is a strange place for me as well as during the last ten years, the Chinese have developed significantly – countryside has turned into modern cities full of buildings and cars.

Today I will tell you some truths about Chengdu.

Wide and Narrow Alley

Wide and Narrow Alley is one of the city’s historical and cultural reserves. It is an example of the city’s history and the memory of the local people runs deep. The Wide and Narrow Alley dates back to the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911 AD). Historically the area was its own city within Chengdu and called Mancheng City or Shaocheng City. Today, Wide and Narrow Alley is a popular entertainment, nightlife and tourist destination, with lots of famous restaurants, pubs, teahouses, and souvenir stores.


Taste of Old Chengdu

The Sichuanese are proud of their food which is known as one of the ‘Four great Traditions’ of Chinese cuisine. It is diverse – Sichuanese food can best be described by four words: spicy, hot, fresh and fragrant.

The Panda Park

Located in the northern suburbs of ChengDu city, The Panda Park is fully equipped for giant panda breeding, with a baby panda house, enclosures for adult pandas and cubs, health stations, a museum, and a laboratory. Bamboo plants are harvested in their thousands to feed the pandas. The animals are  protected by the government and have an honoured name “Treasure of China”.

In fact, there are more interesting things waiting for you to discover them. I hope that if you have a chance to tour China you will not miss this city, it would be a great experience and a wonderful destination!

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