Life is busy, and much as we’d all love to do what we love all the time, for some of us our passions have to be pushed aside. For others, they can be become a “side hustle”, that extra little gig that helps out both financially and karmically.

Mel Bedggood is a web developer living in Maidstone and working in Footscray. That pays the bills, but her love lies with her side project “Between the Lines” a LGBT apparel business. It evolved out of Mel’s struggle to dress within the social boundaries of female attire, with the aim of breaking down the barriers of gender. The brand strives to create pieces that are tailored to people, not their biological status – it’s unfiltered and all about statement pieces.

What does Mel love the most about having a creative business?

“Our motto is about being ‘you’ and my business allows me to ‘be me’ and share my creative ideas. It’s great seeing people wearing and loving your ideas – it’s that instant gratification seeing someone just ‘get’ what you’re on about and enjoy wearing your products. Having this type of business also allows more interaction with customers, I’ve gained many ideas and inspiration from the people. How many businesses allow you the freedom and creativity to design what you want?”

What makes Mel’s business different to others?

“We’re not the straight laced, same old, same old designs. All designs are original and we’re all about being yourself and making statements with our pieces. I put my heart and brain into all designs, with all sketches designed from my hand.”

Follow Between the lines on or Instagram @between_the_lines_c

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