Life is busy, and much as we’d all love to do what we love all the time, for some of us our passions have to be pushed aside. For others, they can be become a side hustle, that extra little gig that helps out both financially and karmically.

Yarraville local, Lauren Owens has always been a bit of an entrepreneur. Late last year, after discovering the prevalence of people who feel overwhelmed and under-prepared when buying, selling, building or renovating a home, Lauren’s side-hustle, West Home Girl was born.

West Home Girl is an online resource providing independent and honest advice to help people feel confident and informed when buying, selling, building or renovating.

“People are craving independent advice on properties to cut through the sales pitch and avoid buying a lemon. People want to feel confident when speaking to tradespeople undertaking their home improvements or renovations. That’s what I’m committed to bringing them.”

West Home Girl is regularly updated with valuable hints and tips – everything from “what banks are looking for when applying for a home loan” through to “how to prepare a mood board”. As a loud and proud, Inner Westie, Lauren also adds a strong Westside flavour.

“Each week I wrap up the Inner West property market – what sold, what didn’t and why. I’m sharing impartial, unbiased advice on the great local homes for sale and market insights people can’t find elsewhere without paying for the pleasure.”

“There’s also a huge amount of home improvement activity happening in this area, so I’m sharing key information like great tradies and where to buy building materials locally.”
Visit to find out more or follow West Home Girl on Instagram @westhomegirl or

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