By Lisa Price

    Mindfulness practice can take place at any time during the day and during any activity. Simply bring your full awareness into the present moment by noticing your physical sensations, emotions and thoughts. Over the next few articles we will explore mindfulness in a range of everyday activities.

    Cooking with all senses

    What happens to your mind when you are cooking a meal? Is it rushing off on thoughts about what needs to be done later? Is it preoccupied with the events of the day? Are you able to bring your mind into the moment and concentrate purely on cooking?

    Take your time to notice each ingredient as you prepare
 your meal. Notice the colours, the smells, and the textures. Consider where each ingredient has come from. If it has been processed, think about what it would be like in its original form? How did it get from there to your kitchen?

    Become aware of the changing shapes as you chop and peel vegetables. Be curious. What happens to mixture as you add new ingredients? Does it disappear into the mix or does it take over and alter the look? Observe what happens.

    Smell the aromas. Breathe in each and every smell. Enjoy each one. Notice if any dance you off to a distant memory, or back to your childhood – maybe to a place where you once travelled?

    Enjoy the connection that your mind has with different smells.

    Notice where it takes you, then bring it back to the moment.

    Listen carefully to the sounds of the dish cooking? What can you hear?

    Can you hear the symphony of all of the ingredients coming together? The bubbling of the oil, the sizzling of the onions or garlic, the splash of the liquid as you pour it in?

    Bring your senses into your cooking and take time to enjoy each and every one for a daily mindful activity.

    Bon appétit!

    Lisa teaches at Flourish Family Chiropractic and Wellbeing in Seddon. For more information contact 9689 9136.


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