By Lisa Price

Moving ‘mindfully’ is the practice of truly being in your body, feeling each sensation as you alter the position of your body from one movement to the next, becoming aware of the reaction internally of every external action.

There is no goal to achieve or expectation for the body, just simple acceptance and understanding. It doesn’t matter what the movement is, but how you move. You can move mindfully in any movement that you undertake; walking, dancing and more. The important thing is keeping the mind connected to the body as you move. Not allowing thoughts or feelings to dominate the movement.

To practice mindful movement, take some time to first connect with your body through your breath. Notice how you body connects with the ground. Actually feel the connection with the ground beneath your feet. Take as many breaths as you need until your focus turns inward. Then when you are ready, simply move. Feel each limb, every muscle as your body changes positions. Become aware of how your body responds to each action.

What happens to your breath? Is it shallow or deep? Are you even breathing? Pay attention to your breath as you continue to move. Notice when your mind has wandered and bring it back.

Reconnect with your body as often as  you need to, just as you would if you were sitting in stillness. Once again the breath is your guide to stay in the moment.

When you have completed your movement, take time to be still and feel the ground beneath you just as you did before commencing the practice. Take the time to notice how you feel now. Make a habit of complementing your general activities with mindful movement for a deeper connection between your mind and your body. Enjoy!

Lisa teaches at Flourish Family Chiropractic and Wellbeing in Seddon, 9689 9136.

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