Released: June 16, 2022
    Genre: RnB, Afro Beat, House
    Runtime: 52 minutes

    Honestly, Nevermind is an assortment of barebones, stripped back house music/dancehall beats with a pinch of afro beats. A mix of generic songs that literally any girl who has ever been in love can relate to, with arguably the worst and uninspired singing and crooning Drake has ever done. This is the same artist who sung smash hits like “Just Hold On, We’re Going Home” and “Passionfruit”.

    Drake has been on a downward spiral since 2016’s Views, Honestly, Nevermind is an insult to house music. A genre that is defined by upbeat drums and eccentric bass, a genre that is meant to get you partying and dancing. Whether it’s the simplicity of the instrumental or the same general lyrics rehashed and recycled from the other songs, it’s the same vocal pitch and singing across every track.

    Honestly, Nevermind is a snoozefest. The instrumentals on the album can be compared to a lo-fi study playlist on YouTube, but that’d be discrediting the actual good songs from those artists.

    Uninspired. Bland. A Disservice to house music. 



    Released: July 15, 2022
    Genre: Funk, Disco, Pop
    Runtime: 35 minutes

    American singer, songwriter, rapper Lizzo is back after her critically acclaimed 2019 “Cuz I Love You”, with smash hits such as Juice, Truth Hurts and Bad As Hell, Lizzo has gained popularity through the use of viral memes and social media such as TikTok. That’s not to say Lizzo is without any talent, as arguably she’s one of the most gifted vocalists in the Pop scene as of late.

    Special’s hit and viral single “About Damn Time” is a throwback funk record with lofi bass and keys. Lyrically it’s nothing too crazy but it sets the tone and expectations for the album. Light groovy tracks with pinches of disco and funk, with some of Lizzo’s trademark sass and humour plugged in, you’re bound to find something that would grab your attention. For me it was the upbeat eccentric pop ballad “2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)”, a song about knowing if you are ready for love even if you can’t love yourself and don’t know if you can let someone in. 

    If you want a funny, little, lowkey, pop-funk album then Lizzo might hit that “special” spot, but it’s nothing too crazy.



    1. WASTELAND – Brent Faiyaz (July, 2022)
    2. Gemini Rights – Steve Lacy (July, 2022)
    3. God Don’t Make Mistakes – Conway the Machine (Feburary, 2022)
    4. Breezy – Chris Brown (July, 2022)
    5. Still Over It – Summer Walker (November, 2021)
    Rhys Pearson
    Rhys Pearson
    Rhys Pearson is a local Werribee songwriter and manager at Studio 185, with a Bachelors in Entertainment Business in his back pocket

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