Words by Alex Ford-Webb

    There is no doubt about Super Sunday being our favourite part of the weekend.

    Sunday is supposed to be the day of rest, but in our household it is the day of excitement and exploration. There is a certain blissful energy that we wake up with on a Sunday morning. It comes from that moment of clarity after you open your eyes and remember that you don’t have anywhere to be and you have the entire day at your fingertips, indulging in whatever you please with your family.

    Super Sunday starts with breakfast – not just another breakfast, but one that’s worthy of such a day.

    The kids bounce on their toes and smile with delight as they mix their choc chips into the pancake batter. Straight after breakfast is the usual coffee run that we have incorporated specifically for our own selfish adult fulfilment.

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    Starting at our local, The Anchorage Kiosk on The Strand in Williamstown, we walk by the water with coffees in hand while the kids race on their scooters alongside us. The fresh morning air, the smell of coffee and the view of the city across the water is enough to fill even the evilest of Disney villains with a sense of peace and contentment.  The great thing about the Strand is that on one end you have North Road with Newport Skate Park, while on the other you have the beginning of Nelson Place with its shops, parks and eateries, not to mention the three playgrounds in between.

    After stopping by each playground – on demand from the thrill seeking little ones – we usually end up at Newport Skate Park, basking in the sun to the side while the kids summon the courage to push themselves over the dips and turns of the concrete jungle. If we are feeling particularly thirsty after our energetic morning, Pint of Milk is there waiting for us across the road with their heavenly coffee, perfect milkshakes and delicious muffins.

    Although this is just a small part of how we spend our weekend, it is the heart and soul behind the creation of Bambino Weekend. We wanted to create a destination for parents, friends and families to explore, discover and be inspired.  We saw a need for a destination that differed from the stock standard reviews of tourist attractions that are universally known and too often suggested for weekend activities.

    Bambino Weekend focuses on the experience. We share stories of our adventures, explorations and fun life hacks in the hope that it will inspire others to create, discover and make the most of each and every day through their own experiences!

    Whether you are craving a ‘windows down’ summer road trip adventure for the day, an around the corner exploration of your local skate park, or the best place to stop in between activities to slurp down an Oreo milkshake – Bambino Weekend has you covered.

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